A Writer's Journey to Acceptance

In this blog I hope to share my experiences as a writer seeking a wider audience as I become a more seasoned author. Follow along, every step of the way as I move from one novel to the next, and one genre to another in search of a responsive audience. I thought you might like a picture to put to my name. I am not photogenic at all, so this is as much of a close-up as you will get. If you are wondering what I am doing in Roatan, I would like to share that I have been a certified scuba diver since 1970. It is my second passion behind writing, and I thought that I could perhaps combine my passions for both writing and photography into travel writing. (Nothing is ever as easy as it sounds). I've written novels, poetry, editorials and articles, none of which have gotten me the audience I desire: a large audience moved to personal action related to some aspect of the human condition.

For as long as I remember I've tried to address conditions of the human spirit in my writing. It is one of the qualities that separates literature from books. A piece of literature should address some aspect(s) of the human condition with the intent of shining a light on important concepts, values and ideals the author feels readers should explore. Often, these themes are driven by conditions or events of the times. I want to pause here for a moment to tell you that I don't believe an author should be preachy. I believe a good piece of literature should present the reader with a vehicle for exploring these questions on an individual basis, and come to their own conclusions. This is exactly what I did in my most recent novel, The Twisted Tower. Like most writers, I want my work to be relevant to people's deeper, spiritual aspects of their lives, not just today, but in any era.

I'll keep this simple. If I could write a mission statement for this blog, it would read something like this: The purpose of this blog is to share my experiences as a writer and explore how to build/reach a larger, more cerebral audience who can create a dialogue that will hopefully translate to action. This action almost always happens on a personal level - but I contend that this is how we change the world...one mind and one heart at a time. Many excellent writers still have a hard time finding an audience, and I thought you might like to journey with me as I try to develop the audience I desire. You will learn from both my mistakes and successes. (I guess this is the teacher in me coming out). You could write the best book in the world, but if no one reads it, what value does it have? Many writers want to make a living at their writing, but this won't ever happen if you haven't already built your audience. Aren't you tired of working in obscurity? So how do we go about building the right audience? To be honest, at this point, I don't know. Journey along with me as I search for the answer, and we will find out together.

In next weeks blog I will begin with the state of publishing in this new era. How can we do it right? How can we be effective? How can we do it cheaply? From there we will examine some of the aspects of quality writing. And finally, how do we build our audience? My intent is for this to be an interactive blog, so I hope you will jump in and participate. I'm sure our collective skill levels and experience will be all over the map - and that is exactly what we want; a variety of perspectives and experience that will broaden all of our understandings and abilities. See you next week. carpe diem - brad

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