The new novella, The Twisted Tower , is the latest book from ct bradley. Set in the near future, this novel deals with genetic engineering and moral ambiguity. Based on 'hard' science, the author creates a very real scenario that may soon be at hand. A striking piece of literature in the vein of A Handmaid's Tale.

The Twisted Tower


Inspector Shabi faces the challenge of his career when recent victims plunge to their deaths and the forensic evidence almost immediately begins to self-destruct. Set in the latter years of the Twenty First Century, this 'hard' science fiction murder mystery examines the heights and depths of the human spirit in a unique tale told from an unlikely perspective. The fate of humankind hangs in the balance. Though the subject matter is dealt with delicately, this cautionary tale deals with some adult themes, and is aimed at a more mature audience. Recommended for audiences 14 +. This novella, by the author of No Rhyme or Reason, is the first in a series of three volumes.

No Rhyme or Reason


A wonderfully crafted work of beauty. Divided into four chapters titled: Life, Love, Loss and Hope, each section begins with a poignant haiku under the section title that emphasizes the overarching theme in each section. 

While the author's approach to perspective is intentionally innocent, the result is a clear and simple message associated with each piece, and wouldn't be possible without that approach. There's something here for everyone, from the school child to the elderly, with a passionate understanding of what these experiences bring to the soul. These poems couldn't be written without having been lived.

Particularly noteworthy pieces of masterful storytelling that will be reread over and over are: Head Down Into The Wind; Tomorrow Is Another Day; Trite And True; Mommy, Please Mommy; Garden In A Bottle; Sailing Blindly Into The Storm; Lime Kiln Transformation; Numerology; and The Man Behind The Mask.

A decidedly beautiful and unique volume of poetry that is a celebration of human experience that gently reminds us where to find the real 'heart' in life!