Brad has always had a passion for travel. "Travel broadens my horizons in every direction. I gain greater understanding of the interactions in the natural world; a greater understanding and communion with other people from other cultures; and a greater understanding of myself." An avid scuba diver and underwater photographer/videographer for the past 47 years, Brad asserts, "My dream destination for retirement has to include world class diving nearby."


Originally moving to Minneapolis to work in public television, he then spent the last 20 years teaching high school writing and literature.  "I've had a passion for literature for as long as I can remember. Good literature should expose or reveal some aspect of the human condition in such a way as to promote meaningful dialogue. Hopefully through discourse about these themes common to our nature we will become a more refined, and enlightened species."

In 2009 Brad published his first book, No Rhyme or Reason. Since then he has published numerous articles, editorials and short stories. His new book, The Twisted Tower, just became available on Amazon. This cautionary tale, set in the near future, examines the heights and depths of the human spirit from an unlikely perspective. This is the first in a series of three volumes.


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