The Twisted Tower


In this near-future mystery driven by two female protagonists, the crusty, disheveled Inspector Shabi  (Shabby) faces the criminal case of his career.  Victims have been plummeting to their deaths and the evidence is self-destructing almost immediately. There's no time to waste as the quirky detective and his team of experts race to solve the mystery. Set in the latter years of the Twenty First Century, this 'hard' science fiction murder mystery examines the heights and depths of the human spirit in a unique tale told from an unlikely perspective. The fate of humankind hangs in the balance. Though the subject matter is dealt with delicately, this cautionary tale deals with some adult themes, and is aimed at a more mature audience. Recommended for audiences 14 +. This novella, by the author of No Rhyme or Reason, is the first in a series of three volumes.

...a timely novel that examines moral ambiguity in a unique light. This deeply provocative novel is very entertaining with a cast of characters who provide unique perspectives on the main theme. If you like sci-fi and mysterues this is a double delight. A solid piece of literature...Ivannatok2u's been far too long since we've heard from this author...already looking forward to the sequel...wordsmith311...



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