The Twisted Tower


In this near-future mystery driven by two female protagonists (unknown to each other), the crusty, disheveled Inspector Shabi  (Shabby) faces the criminal case of his career.  Victims have been plummeting to their deaths and the evidence  self-destructs almost immediately. There's no time to waste as the quirky detective and his team of experts race to solve the mystery. Set in the latter years of the Twenty First Century, this 'hard' science fiction murder mystery examines the heights and depths of the human spirit in a unique tale told from an unlikely perspective, that of the first neo-human. The fate of humankind hangs in the balance. Considered 'hard' science fiction, it is based on the most current genetic research. Recommended for audiences 14 +. This novel, by the author of No Rhyme or Reason, is the first novel of this epic story.

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Bradley has done a good job in creating a post-apocalyptic society sorely trying to rebuild itself. Into the mixture is thrown an inventor/multi-billionaire who believes he is above reproach for anything he does.

The tale Bradley weaves is intriguing, humorous, and telling. Mr. Bradley exposes well the dangers of having too much power concentrated in one person's hands.

This book is a fast read, and suited well for early teens to older audiences.

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Ima Hornbush, what a broad and what a cool name! The combination of science fiction, mystery, and some sultry scenes make it impossible to put this book down. The character development was superb, reminiscent of Sinclair Lewis characters. I would highly recommend this book! " - R. Claussen

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"c. t. bradley twists strands of morality, love and mystery much like our twisted DNA strands. After a nuclear fall-out, find out who plays God to end or save the human race? Colorful imagery. An easy read."


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